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Salvage Value Calculator

For tax purposes, depreciation is an important measurement because it is frequently tax-deductible, and major corporations use it to the fullest extent each year when determining tax liability. The company pays $250,000 for eight commuter vans it will use to deliver goods across town. If the company estimates that the entire fleet would be worthless at the end of its...


Understanding The Normal Balance of an Account

Breaking down normal balance in accounting further involves identifying which accounts possess a debit or a credit balance as their increase side, a key aspect covered in the Normal Balance of Accounts Guide. For assets and expenses, the increase is captured on the debit side leading them to have a normal debit balance, as per the Normal Balance of Accounts...


How to Calculate the Bond Price example included

Another element that impacts the price of bonds is time to maturity. The cost of the bond increases as the remaining time to maturity decreases. This is because holding a bond for a longer length of time entails greater risk because the debtor may experience financial difficulties during that time. Inflation expectation is the primary variable that influences the discount...


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Look for each check that you’ve written and then confirm if it has shown up in your checking account yet or not. In contrast to the permanent account, the balance on a temporary account does not continue into the next accounting period. The temporary account is closed for the period by transferring the balance to the income statement. The process...

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