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Android apps are pieces of software that run on the Android operating system. They can be downloaded on Android tablets, phones and TVs. They are very good in making use of the touchscreen, camera and GPS features of the device. Installing many apps on an Android device can negatively impact the battery’s performance and life.

Understanding the Android platform and its design principles is essential for the development of Android apps. It also means creating an appropriate app architecture that is able to separate UI and OS-related code into components that share responsibility. These components can be activated in asynchronous fashion by the system via an event-driven broadcast mechanism, which is activated by the intents.

Java is the preferred language for Android development, but Kotlin has gained popularity in recent years. Both are supported by the Android SDK. A large community of developers is available online to help newcomers to the language and solve issues.

The Android OS itself is divided into multiple layers, with the app layer comprising the standard applications that come with the operating system, as well as proprietary apps that come with a specific device such as the phone dialer or music player. The Android app layer also includes custom firmware, like CyanogenMod or OMFGB. These are installed to enhance the capabilities of specific devices.

Another reason that stops certain apps from functioning is compatibility. If an app has been launched for the US market, but it’s not compatible with your European device, it will not function on it and will appear as « incompatible » in the Play Store.

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